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„Canids are our teachers.“ Günther Bloch

For those who want to see more
- the camera and camcorder for cats and dogs!


Now you can see behind the curtain into the world of your four-legged friends!

The Easypet camera is for cats and dogs and their humans, who enjoy discovering and love adventures.
Our little friends are digging, hunting, rummaging and discovering everything from their own perspective
... out of water, the highest grass, the dirtiest mud, from a tree or just your cabinet ...

When you see the world from this perspective once, you will never want to miss this experience again!


To all outdoor lovers, whirlwinds and ball junkies,
all couch potatoes, hugy kittens and little tigers:
„My people, my buddy, it’s my "here"
my street, my mat, everything I hear
Come on, we will make it clear ...
with the EasyPet Camera !“
Your Pro Bello and Clever Cat